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There's plenty to do here for those seeking time-wasting activity on a stringent budget.

Steve ValuRockin' 4 U | Photo by Frick Jones

2006 European Tour Photos
Most of these photos were snapped by faithful roadie Tingles during the Low Budgets' 2006 spring tour of Europe.

Photo Galleries
Latest photos are from the 2005 Spring Broke Tour. The earliest ones are from the year 2000. Included are the recording of Go For Broke plus 2003 & 2004 tour photos.

Postage-Stamp-Sized Video
Watch video clips of the Low Budgets performing live. These clips might be small but they pack a lot of valu-rock. Currently available in Quicktime and Windows Media.

Tour Diaries
Chronicles of the 2003 and 2004 tours can be found here. Read at your own risk.

Erase Your Computer
Are you totally fed up with cyberspace? Ever feel like your computer is an expensive waste of time and you'd be much better off without it? Well, this new feature will quickly and easily get rid of everything on your hard drive so that you don't have to worry about it anymore. (Disclaimer: click at your own risk.)

Message Parlour
A message board for your posting and reading pleasure. Got a question? Maybe someone knows the answer - pose it hear! Need to get something off your chest in a hurry? No problem. Anything goes. (We reserve the right to remove any post that doesn't go.)

Low Budget Maze
Get out your crayons and pencils and help the Low Budgets find their way to the show!

The Cavity
Chris talks about candy, one of his all-time favorite topics. If you have a sweet tooth, this page is for you. Join The Cavity Cadets.

Connect the Dots for Dollars
The Low Budgets challege you to a game of Dots for Dollars. All you have to do is connect the dots and form squares to win Low Budgets cyber-dollars!

Dandrew's What's (cynically) Hot List
Steve is not the only Low Budget getting things off his chest in list form. Here Dandrew lists what's "hot" in his worldview.

Great Deals
Tired of having fun? Looking for something cheap and good to purchase? Check out our listing of bargains.

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