The Low Budgets

Low Budgets' Postage-Stamp-Sized Video

We have some low to medium qualitiy video in Quicktime and Windows Media formats for you, free of charge. If you need players, you can get them at these links: Quicktime     Windows Media Player.

O.E. in the A.M.   11 MB - Quicktime
Recorded in F.D.R. Skatepark under I-95, South Philadelphia, circa October 2001.
Rock and Rollers (You Can't Control The)   11 MB - Quicktime
Recorded in Gainesville FL at Eddie C's. This was the last song of the set. You can barely see it, but at the end of the clip Dandrew throws his bass down and then leaps on the drum kit, causing about 60 dollars worth of damage to the bass drum. Steve was not harmed.
Ripped Off   8 MB - Quicktime
Also recorded in Gainesville FL at Eddie C's. This was the second song of the set. Nothing really unusual happens, except for the crazy dissolves and wipes.
Live at the Masquerade, Atlanta GA   37 MB - Windows Media
This clip is the complete Low Budgets' set at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia on April 25, 2004. Videotaped by Frick Jones.

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