The Low Budgets

The Low Budgets: Sausage Links

We love to find new places to waste our time in cyberspace. We've collected some links to start this page off, but we are hoping you, dear readers, will turn us all on to some juicy sites. Feel free to add to our list of choice, grade-A Web links by using the form at the bottom of the page!

Most recent finds:

BlankTV is the Net's biggest punk, hardcore, ska, oi and indie rock music video website. Free, Uncensored and Retarded!
What we all been waiting for......

Joe Jack Talcum . COM
mp3s by Joe Jack Talcum and related projects inlcuding The Dead Milkmen, The Cheesies, Ornamental Wigwam. Free downloads! Show dates.

Blog of Death
With so many famous people dying these days, this is a good resource. A collection of obituaries organized by date.

What YOU REALLY want.

Older submissions (in alphabetical order, sort of):

100% BAIO
not 99% like those other BAIO related things.

40 ouncer HEAVEN
i want to get drunk NOW!

A Brief History of Bulgaria
You know it seems that every time I'm at a show at the Pleasure Bungalow I always hear at least one person say "I just can't seem to find a brief and informative history of Bulgaria anywhere. Well here it is, now go learn the story of how the town of Pazardzhik was saved!

A National Acrobat
As a youngster, Dandrew was hypnotised by Ozzy to believe that this was his future occupation.

Absent Minded Old Men
Rockin out in West Philly
make your own plates

Adopt a pet!
You can adopt an online pet and name it! Then you can play with it, feed it, water it, watch it pee and poop! AND IT'S FREE!!

akhenation records
this is a rad philly label!!! scumdrunk is all i need to say!!!!!

Album covers drawn from memory in MS Paint
Funniest thing EVER.

All About Absinthe
"le Fee Verte: Absinthe House" is a site devoted to the herbal alcholic drink 'absinthe', banned in the United States.

Always Curious
Awesome photoblog - cool daily photos - archives, flkr sites - macro nature, people and things too - check it out.

AMAZING esp experiment
Can you figure out how the psychic computer always picks your card???

Amazon Poodles
The most underrated punk band from the '80's. They were from Reading PA, and were my favorite band when I was 14.
A tribute to Philadelphia original music, past and present.

Another Soft Outer Crust cartoon

April Winchell: Multimedia
This page has loads of funny mp3s and sounds to entertain and amuse you. Educational too.

Really cheesy astrological shit... and its free.. damn..

Avery Ant and His One Minute Rant
Avery Ant is a stop motion animated ranting ant and PO'd pismire.

His 60 second rants are hilarious, itchy, outrageous and plain bizarre.

He is ant - Hear him rant!

Bathroom Life
Oh my god this was the reason that Al Gore invented the internet

Beatz 4 Geekz
E=mc Hawking

Beautiful Mess Road Log
This band wrote about their tour and took a lot of pictures. What a great idea.

become a minister!
really! become a real freaking legal minister!u can marry people and everything!

Bee Dogs
dogs dressed like Bee's.

look at them and say "jesus freaking christ who woulda thunk gosddamned Dogs would dress like Bees!!!!!"

Beer Church
finally something i feel comfortable worshipping

best game ever
cliff richards is almost as hot as the lowbudgets.

Best Page in the Universe
A lot of anger and tasteless humor...awesome.

Best Sex Pillow
The videos on this site are pricelessly funny.

black people love us
After I moved to West Philly I found out that black people totally love me, just like Sally and Johnny.

Blonde Chick with Cute Pussy
this will make guys, girls, punks, skins, and yes even rollerbladers feel warm inside.......

Bombs Away!
Help a sea gull bomb beach bunnies.

dayum yo! this be where it at if you know where it at is!

Boston Derby Dames is Boston's only all-girl flat-track roller derby league. This is their web site.

Bright Lights Film Journal: Documentaries
Who doesn't like to kick back to a good low-budget documentary film every now and then? This section of the Bright Light Film Journal on-line site is devoted to documentaries, low budget and high.

Bruce Siart's photo collection
check out some of my old photos from the 80s east coast club scene.
including the dead milkmen, bob mould, dinosaur jr, eugene chadbourne, throwing muses... etc.
or don't.

bullshit jobs
like shitjobs but funny

burger king for the holidays
funhny flash movie.

Burning Sac Of Midgets
B.S.O.M. shreds!

bush on 9/11
shows how long it took him to respond. a lot longer than what everyone thought.

butterfly knife techniques
i have one you should to!

Caffeine Shot
Dutch coffeepunk band!

a thoughtfully provoking look at the world of candy cigarettes...ugh i mean candy stix.

Captain Ozone
Captain Ozone is famous for being the hippest, most radical environmental activist in the world. Rock musicians far and wide are eagerly waiting to get a copy of Ozone's controversial documentary about hemp technologies, weird recycling, art commodes, and much more. Now you can download a copy of this documentary for free at, which includes Ozone's MTV rock music video "The Flush".

Cartoons that go good with Drugs
This is a site with some really cool and crazy animation...I highly recomend the Mumbleboy cartoons

this site has rad pictures and videos you can watch of lots of rad bands that played there.

Cheese Rolling
im going next cheese down a hill (not loot hip hop fans)

Church of the Subgenius
Like Jeus, but awesome.

classic hollywood actresses
freak these shitty poser actresses of today....check out the classy and beautiful actresses of early hollywood....mmm brigitte bardot....

Cliff Yablonski Hates You!
Cliff Yablonski spills out his hatred for stupid internet folks. The picture and captions are priceless!

Cool Singers
Jazz singers and jazz influenced singers of populsr song

this real sweet girl showed me this place.

Cowgirl Pin Up's

starring mary-kate olsen

crazy drunk guy

Cruel site of the Day
they websurf for stupid shit so you don't have to.

cry baby gumballs
i eat these and i dont care what you dont saY

having a bad day? CURSE SOMEONE!

daily rotten
The only news that's fun to read

Dark Pasage
This is a site on urban decay photography. Check out the Hospital Hopscotch section. It is scary and fascinating. Clicking on each link is like watching a horror story wondering when the monster is going to jump out at you from the darkness.

Dead Milkmen
Before the Low Budgets Joe was in this band.

Death On Impact is the worst band i ever heard of ever

Sick and disgusting movies for sick and disgusting people on DVD.

you know it and always have deer are cool...youve always wanted to what went on in the secret lives of DEER....well now you can at least see how CUTE THEY ARE YOU PUKEPILE!

Desktop Wallpaper
Lots of free desktop wallpaper to make your desktop look pretty, funny, weird, or whatever you choose.

Rad hand-made punk rock clothing by Miss DeVille herself!!!

DEWA Network
Free graphics, icons, gifs for your desktop or website!

cool Philly band

do you give good phone?
make some money by talking on the phone. different catagories ranging from psychics to taxes. very easy. good to do if you're lazy or just for some extra cash.

Dogbowl's Page
This is the original guitarist of King Missile's web page. Check out the cartoon cinema. Check out the page. This guy is seriously freaked!

Dorkz Music Community
audio and video downloads, forum

Drew Hawthorne (singer/songwriter/awesomeness)
"Music I could picture having coffee and a cigarette to in the morning."

an entire website dedicated to "just saying no"

ebaums world
real fun site, try the sound boards, then go watch space people....

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Elecric Wizard, from England, are considered by some to be the heaviest band in the World. This is a page about their monumental album, Dopethrone.

look at how this guy feels

emo wankers battle their hurt souls
feel sad about this...WANKO!

End telemarketers
i feel wierd about posting a useful site, but this really works. You put in your phone number and If a telemarketer calls you call a hotline and the company is fined 10,000 dollars. It takes about a month to kick in, and works for PA residents only.

exploding whale!
no we are not talking about your girlfriends twinkie habit....

awesome band that sounds almost as great as the lowbudgets

Farquar Muckenfuss
Dandrew (Sal) was in this band (Farquare Muckenfuss) before the Low Budgets.


FDA Cartoons and Music Videos
Funny, disturbing flash cartoons.

Don't forget to shoot the turkey.

foamy rules!!!!!!
dig it.... think george carlin as a squirel in cartoon form. funny as freak. go to the site and click on "toons".... enjoy!

FORTRAN Tutorial
A tutorial for the best programing language ever, FORTRAN.

one man recording project from delaware... see this site for mp3's

free is like totally wow

freakin' crazy comic strip.

funny shit from the u.k
games, news and other funny shit from the u.k.

Fuzzy Muffins
music, video, cartoons and soooo much more... all free!

geek tattoos
some really make you wonder, why?

George Bush's Brain Game
If you drop a brain into Bush, it plays an actual news audio snippet that shows off his unique usage of the English Language.

Gigglebot Zine Distro
Order zines and crafts online. Pay by Paypal. Have zines (or crafts) shipped to your door.

Glorious Noise
Online music magazine featuring article about the relationships between the music industry, musicians, and music fans.

Gonads and Strife
If you like gonads and strife, this is for you!

It's for the Libertarian Punk in all of us.

black metal lords

Formerly "Revenge"

I love gummies. They say a serving is 9 gummies,but I could easily eat all the gummies. If you love gummies like I love gummies,you'll want to check this .

Hannitize it!
On tour the budgets listened to alot of Fox new's #1 rightwinger Sean Hannity's radio show just so they could enjoy making fun of YOU can do the same!

cant we all just get a long (rope and hang ourselves)

Happy Tree Friends
sometimes in life we all need happy friends that reside in trees.

MEAT HATS combine fashion AND function!
skateboarding and stuff. yeah, that's it...have board will skate...

see behind the scenes as horrible experiments are performed on PEEPS!

how much inside?
like how much is inside you know?

how to bbq sausage and bbq
recipes for beginners use of smokers and grills,eveything bbq

how to bbq sausage and bbq
recipes for beginners use of smokers and grills,eveything bbq

How to Erase Porn From Your Computer
This page tells you how to clean up your files after looking at porn (or anything for that matter) on the Internet... unless you use a Mac.

Hudson Falcons
working class punk rock n roll band from New Jersey...

I Am A Chinese

I Hate... Records
A Lakewood, Ohio based collective of guys who make music and art. Bands such as Lobster Clause & Nick Riley All Stars make fine music under the IHR name.
Check it out...

I Hump Things!
See weirdos hump objects, people, dogs and who knows what

i liek milk
shut up descriptions are for wusses

i like to watch
this is truly awful, but shock value makes a point. we are a bunch of parasites. you have been warned!

this russian brotha speaks the rap, dawg.

Ill Will Press Cartoons
john wood showed me this. funnnnny!

insulting name generator
PUnk merch store. Order your punk shit here with your puNk rock Credit card. cds stickers t-shits - they Got it all.

Invest in Women's Breast Implants
Finally, a charity contribution that really makes a difference!

IPECAC Records
God's record label

Irv Homer's website
THE EVIL ONE! best talk radio host of all time.

"..I'm only 25 and I play the guitar and Jodie Foster's Army's in my car." Jodie Foster's Army is JFA, the skatepunk band from Arizona. This is their website.

James Love Jackson
James Love Jackson is the hottest band in the east coast today. This is their site where you can see and hear them digitized (a good thing, but no subsitute for the real thing).

Jay Caddle
Real cool dude that used to be my neighboor. Makes cartoons, songs, and artwork. Plus he's your inside source for updates on Jerry Lahane.

With songs like 60 Cent Panties and Munchkin Suicide, you can't go wrong!

i didnt know he chilled like THIS!

Jesus was Left Handed!
Jesus was way cool. He turned water into wine. If he wanted to, he could have turned wheat into marijuana, sugar into cocaine, and vitamin pills into amphetamines. Jesus was way cool.

Joe Hart's Band
joe's been keeping his other band secret for years now

John Titor Time Traveler
this dude came from 2036 and posted on the internet in 2000-01. Then he dissappeared leaving amazing evidence he was sincere.

Joseph is Not An Architect
Tacky's side project which no one is permitted to take seriously. Those who do will be hung with twine from the Ben Franklin Bridge.


k3n Adams Design!!!
yeah yeah! k3n is not only the singer newark delawares, trailor park riot.......he makes some bad mofo ART! he designed the logo for the low budgets new shirt thats not out yet!!!!!!!!!

Home Page of Philadelphia's Kablammo (formerly BLAMMO). Show dates, mP3s, photos, the works!

Kid Koala
Awesome turntable manipulator from Montreal. Toured with Radiohead in 2001.

Klaus Nomi home page
for all your Klaus Nomi needs

a small punkrock label from germoney
we are big low budgets fans!

all girl NYC rockers

liquid generation
now this is some funny schmidt!

Little Steven
if you even think you like garage rock...this guys radio show is a must

Live Band
The Gilev Show Band

Live Journal Drama
Watch Live Journal folks virtually beat the shit out of each other. Check out the one where this pyschotic bitch from hell claims that a Nascar driver raped her and then wanted to marry her! =O

Live Your Life Over Again!!!
Start as a child and make decisions that can change the rest of your life. Very addictive.

site dedicated to LOUIE LOUIE. read why the FBI investigated this very song.

Love Story In Blood Red
Rock band from Chicago with catchy tunes, incldudes ex-Spiveys Jason Frederick.

Low Budgets New Label
hopefully these guys will put the low budgets on the roster with there other STARS!

lsd drawings
Kinda neat

very attractive female scottish side-show performer's site. she staples herself and likes to get bloody, breath fire, make out with other women, and use metal grinders on herself. huge image archive of the coolest stuff done by a human being. really. she is so much punker than you.

LyricWiki is a free site which is a single source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads.

Mad Max - Pro-Apocolypse punk
philly hardcore punk band.

Magic Cone
finally a urinal cone without the hassle!

Major LAbel Acts Tour Riders
you heard me.

Make a snowflake
Make a pretty snowflake.

beware of the low budgets on tour!

A cool web page full of interesting tid-bits with lots of links to neat places on the web. If ever you are bored or looking for something to see on the Internet, try memepool.

A recommendation system featuring people with chips on their shoulders

Ok... you're smart? This is where you need to be... not at for christ's sake! Well... ok, I'll et you stay here for a wee bit longer... but.... use your brain, you fu(k heads! For freak's sake, goddammit!

If you're really bored and dont have anything to look up online, see what kind of porn and crap other people are searching for.

Methods of Becoming a Horse
The site dedicated to Human-Equine Transformation

micah smaldone
my friend micahs solo project

my friend. your new hero.
The guy who brought you Roger and Me, TV Nation, the Big One, The Awful Truth, and lots of other cool shit. -He is an absolute freakin' genius.

Middle Class Trash
Punk Band from Kentucky, yes we do have an indoor toilet and teeth

Middle Class Trash
Punk Band from Kentucky, yes we do have an indoor toilet and teeth

Mommy Can I be a Hacker?
sure son after you file my corns check out this webpage!

Monkey Slide
Game: help monkeys slide down poles eat bananas avoid bombs.

monkey's and the lowbudgets?
funny site for cool people only.

More about Jerry Lehane
Steve - we have to clear up some of this stuff about Jerry. First of all, his name is Jerry Lehane and my name is Jay Caddle. As for the rest of your Jerry account, I plan to write a response, clear up some of the facts, myths, and legends. The man is a genius. I have a lot of his artwork and music. This link should tide you over, as I know you crave more. pretty much goes away on Feb. 1st, so grab the songs now. I will be devoting a section of my site to the genius of Jerry. Also, I hope you make it to my birthday party on January 25th because Jerry will be there and hopefully perform some songs. It is gonna be a lot of freeform... hopefully you'll be there to tear shit up. Talk to you later. - Jay Caddle, Archbishop in the Church of Jerry

Morse Code
Type in any message and it gives you the Morse Code STEREO SOUND! I typed in "The Low Budgets" and it sounded like the song "Thrift Store." If you want it to.

Mr. T Webring

Myles of Destruction
Violin, drum, bass/vocal madness from philly. "Not your average band and twice as scary".

Mystery Science Theater 3K Logbook
Covers all ten seasons of Mystery Science Theater. Many of the episodes have detailed descriptions.

hangman yo!

News Radio
quite possibly the best sitcom ever

Ninjas can kill anyone they want! Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this ninja who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the ninja killed the whole town.

no just pa not just hardcore just drama
awesome boards show listings bands and mp3s

No-Fi "Magazine!"
A great place to check out cool underground band interviews, plus read great columns. Also, there is No-Fi Radio, which plays all sorts of cool bands that you should hear. Also, Lettuce of SBD and CGA is now writing there also!

dickwad (wad of dix)

you know what shepard fairey learn what he does...wait....

Of Montreal
Cool pop band from Athens GA. Neat website. MP3s. Tour Dates. Drawings. Stories.

official elliott smith page
we will never stop missing this kind, gentle, and gifted soul

even kitties like OE

Old Browser Emulator
If you'd like to view today's Web through the eyes of a 95 era browser, or see what your Web pages look like to someone who has not updated his browser in years, check out DeJavu's cool browser emulators. - old versions of your favorite software
If you've ever upgraded to the next version of some free software, but ended up not liking it as much as the original version, this site might be for you. They have installation files for over 100 older versions of popular programs, like Napster, RealPlayer, Quicktime, AIM, Winamp. Sometimes newer versiosn do not work well on older computers. Sometimes newer versions just don't work well period.

Origivation Magazine
You can get the print version of this magazine free if you live in Philly. Or, you can download it in PDF format online from their site. Steve writes articles sometimes. The interviewed the Low Budgets a couple months ago.

ouchy the clown
he's my fav

Pad Thai Shack
ziga said they like the low budgets at this philly eatery. message boards.
mostly hardcore and new metal pussies who listen to bad music and love drama.

Pavlovs Dog
not myles first band but a game where you can actually train a dog...OR CAN YOU? PUSSY!

peter pans home page
the scariest thing i've ever seen

Pictures Taken By Me
Pictures from the Low Budgets show at FDR in June.

Pigeon Poo
Shit on some cops!

point click grind
metal metal metal the retail store is in philly and the label has some really quality bands

i just wanna get my aggression out!

Prarie Dogs
lets go shoot some dogs! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!
watch the video clips!

florida shredders!

Detroit street punk out to kill pop punkers and poseurs. Neanderthals with a sweet tooth

Puzzle Pirates
Yarrrr! Waste lots of yer time playing puzzle games and kicking other pirate's arses! Yarrrrrrrrr!

quiz on a budget
ooh yeah stole this from duffman

Random Fun
This is a game for those who are seriously bored.

yup its what you think.

Really Subtle Message to America
Steve quit smoking because of this

rent a midget!!!
for your ever party need

Retarded Burger King
If you like to laugh at the mentally handicapped,(and I know you do) then this site is for you.

rock n roll purgatory - online 'zine
Hell, if you don't like the music reviews, at least you can read about the Evil Elvis goat.

Rock School (not the Jack Black thing)
Anyone who has been in a band can appreciate these cartoons,they show what it is really like to be a rock&roller!

Rodney Anonymous Tells You How To Live!
He tells you how to live - what to read, what to watch, and its fun to read.

rub one out with the newest firmware update

Satans Sideshow
Nutball stuff for the average Joe.
Sausages, lots of them!

scumdrunks mascot

Sea Monkey Worship Page
Some people are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to into brine shrimp!

its shocking alrigbht! WOWZA!

Silly Goth
Created by Philly native Shok, Silly Goth gives you opportunity to make fun of the Goth scene.
Here is the official site of the favorite candy of The Low Budgets.

smoking with style
an online guide that covers all you need to know about pot-smokers etiquette (from beginners to advanced)

This game is perfect for dicking the dog at work. It's a cross between tetris and space invaders. Plus it's freeware. I like the puzzle levels.

Soft Outer Crust
This is really gross. But funny!

someone else's gf
not mine or yours though
Something awful includes The Awful Link of the Day, legal advice from Leonard "J" Crabs (the "J" stands for good work!), Awful Media, Cliff Yablonski (who hates 4 pages of you) and more awful type stuff.

Sound of Emotion in a Broken Mirror
tacky and sky with no stars' spoken word duo. it is so scary, you will cling to your significant other and say, "hold me, until it is over."

sour Punch Straws
MMMMMM lick it suck it love it...

Speak and Spell
oh yeah baby you know it!

Original rock here in Philly!

Statue Molesters
See people molest statues like Steve.

Steve'e sexy sunny page
oh god i'm so bored

The Philadelphia band STIFFED rips it up and deserves your attention!!!

Stray Bullets
these guys SHRED!!!!!!!!

Streaming Reggae
roll up a fat spliff and stream this sweet mix of dub, dancehall, and roots.

Stuart Netsky
the most amazing person alive...just read it

Stupid Dead Kitty...
the game

super greg
you like super you like greg you like supergreg.


Synarchism threats to civilaztion
Anarchism Synarchism Fascism - threats to civilization - exploring the role of Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and Lyndon LaRouche, in defeating them, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

hot russian girls who make out whose songs are RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD...join TEAM TATU...i did.

One of my favorite T-shirt sites!

A spoken word wackjob from Philly. He records with a 20 dollar mic! (Of course, he learned his thirfty ways from the Low Budgets, he promises).

talk backwards
put in Grim Aria and listen to the satanic message.

Tandy Takes
For once Joe's crazing ramblings prove to be true. The Pennsylvania legend the Kandy Kakes by The Tastykakes were indeed once known as Tandy Takes. Trenton Makes the Tandy Takes!

the government will protect us!

the 70's
awwww the seventies....whata freaking GREAT TIME!

The Advertising Slogan Generator
You give a word (be creative)... and it will give you a slogan. Don't underestimate it's powers, you will waste your day away on this site.

The Arabic Music Network
Download the latest and most popular Arabic pop hits.

The Asian Prince
Forget George W. Bush. This guy rules.

The Asswarp!
Let's do the Asswarp again! Click the link to see a disturbingly funny cartoon.

The Begining of The Internet
This is where it all began/begins.

The best little IQ test on the internet....
Are you bored... I mean like really really funking bored? Well, try an IQ test. This bitch supposedly comes within 5 points of a real test.

The CIA Fact Book
Collect and trade foreign countries with your friends!

The Cryptomaniacs
Cool surf punk band from Calgary.

holy shit!

The Domino Theory

The Dumb Fat Kids
We haven't played with the Low Budgets yet but we damn well hope to. See ya in West Philly

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth
Finally, here is the list of rules to lead a happy and Satanic life!

The Embarrassment Home Page
The home page of the "possibly the best rock and roll band you never heard of".

the Familiars- old school hardcore from Delaware
insane screaming/laughter vocals, buzzsaw guitars and sexually deviant lyrics.. yummy

this DC band is f u c k ing RAD!

The Hi Fi Ninja (band from kentucky)
Crazy band, just ask joe!

The Icarus Project
A focus group by artists with Manic Depression for artists with Manic Depression. Read articles on Medication, seeking treatment, and why the government sucks. You can also submitt stories.

The Internet Archive
See what Web pages looked like years ago in the "Way Back Machine". (Like, way back in 1997 or 1994!)

the internet is SHIT
um yeah the internet is SHIT.

The Life We Lead
Boston's only punk TV show! Episodes feature live footage, interviews, commentary, music videos and more. A definite must-see!

the mermen
yeah surf music done right like a nice well cooked BURGER

the official PLEASEEASAUR internet destination
Pleaseeasaur is an astonishing new franchise of pleasure...based on the nation's foremost abominable snowman vocalist: Pleaseeasaur. You can trust this rock brand for your family.

the town managers
before the low budgets joe and chris played in the town managers....the site is still up so check it out!!!

the Trauma Queens
love them Low Budgets!

when obsession goes too FAR!

some south jersey kids who still havent grown out of punk

Thee Minks
Philly garage-punk trio recently had to add an extra 'e' to their name after another band called 'The Minks' threatened to sue. They're still as awesome as ever. Check out their mp3s!

Third World Wonders
Home made punk music. You can tell them how good (or bad) they are. (Not to be confused with the raggae band: Third World.)

those weirdo germans
crazy german flash

threebrain: the funniest shit on the web
these guys do WAY too much acid, and eat WAY too many potatoes.

Tim and Eric.COM!!!!!
the funniest shit ever. go here and bust some nuts!

Tools for white guys..
who are Working for Social Change in a society based on domination

if your a bachelor then you know all to well the importance of cereal! check out where you can make your own cereal name, BANANA FLAKY MIDGET CLUSTERS!

just go there ok cuz if you dont you totaly wont get to see what coolness enlies.

a film made by the my friend Brett with some of our songs in it.

Trailor Park Riot
Trailor Park Riot official site. Trailor Park Riot is the hottest band on the east coast today!

check this picture of tuna.

turkey hill iced tea
is the best

Holy crap,it's Umiak!

Urban Adventures World Wide!

Urinal Dot Net
A site that collects pictures of urinals - unusual ones. There's even a women's urinal.

varla magazine
a magazine with hot girls and good music. check it out.

The answer to "Won't somebody please think of the children??"

ummm vonvonvon is punker than we will ever be....kicked out of the apollo.....all he wants to do is make love....

WCNI 90.9 FM - Ground Zero Radio from New London CT
Method of Mass Instruction - continuing the Montauk Project.

weird links
links to strange sites. good to read when you're bored.

the best fast food in the country....doller chicken nuggets!!!

West Memphis 3 (free them)
if youve seen Paradise Lost you should....either way go here.

What was number one on your birthday
Fill in a fake email, and uncheck the box. Mine was "you light up my life" by D. Boone. (Debbie Doone, not Minutemen D. Boone.)

what would uncle jesse do?
bitching cool site about a bitching cool greek dude.

White Castle
so i got into his car and drove to white castle. i dont wanna hear no shit
from you vegetarian assholes!

not telling

Whos Broken Their Edge?
has someone you know lost their edge and started drinking booze? put their name here!

why did the chicken cross the road?
answers to this question by different folks...............

Wil Wheaton
without wil wheaton im not sure we would have STEVE

go there you candy eating commando! theres fun games with candy that are fun and that are games with candy you know like totally yeah you know?!

WKDU 91.7 FM Philadelphia
College radio station in Philly that plays cool music -- live feed on the Internet.

world changers
They gave the lowbudgets sandwiches and chips while they restore the squat next to the bungalow. They also gave chris a bible.

World Inferno Friendship Society
Carnival Mystery Punk. AWESOME BAND, low budgets should tour with them.

World of Juice
If you've got an interest in photography, you should check this site out.

World's smallest website
much smaller than the world's largest website.

wow this family is the best
cant we all just get a long (rope and hang ourselves?)

WPRB 103.3 Princeton NJ
Web site for one of the coolest radio stations in the Philly area. You can listen online.
This is me in Austria in 2001 with Denny. For additional photos, contact Steve from the Low Budgets. There are some that shouldn't be viewed by any of you youngsters.
Hitchhikers guide to the universe, collection of the world.
spin off from Here you can find the one and only "golden shower restaurant" and the truly disturbing "bag face". Happy Boning!
....remember the pigs
funny,sick images and even free porn
very spooky and interesting. you have to receive passwords via e-mail to access certain parts. things just happen and one pass of the mouse could mean a drastic change of scenery. very very interactive flash 5 stuff. sit in a dark room and enjoy.
asian movies. horror, action, comedy, and lots of other genres.
Submit pics of your friends, yourself and see if you are officially hot or not!
Learn about modern day slavery.
John Levandowski (no relation to Steve) puts up a different Steven Wright quote everyday. Make sure you also check out rad pictures of his S.U.V under his "toys" section.
serial killers and fun stuff
It's pictures of walls.
hmm..singing hamsters that are on crack singing about how much they like the moon.
for those who are lonely...
cool t-shirts
fetish clothing and other things
stencil graphitti site with a gorgeous Jam master J piece and some other pieces worth checking out
artsy porn
Search and Destory: Punk Rock and Roll Search Engine - An awesome portal for punk rock on-line info with a mighty fine search feature.
Some good shit to listen to

Not porn, but a bunch of articles and downloads of TV, toys and other shit from the 80's you might remember.

Sweet Asian Flow

you have bad taste in music
one brave soul makes it his mission to inform people on their bad taste in music.

zorak and brak ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!
thats right jerkwads......get your aggression out with this pixelated gem!

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