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Posted by bailey biddlebanks on March 12, 2003 at 23:37:50:

yup it's true, one night years ago, i was stranded on a dark off-road somewhere in wyoming. i had lost all my money after my investment in crackhouses for the parapalegic had fell through. so there i was, broke, cold, and desperate to find my way home to the safe streets of compton. it was 3am on a tuesday when this 18 wheeler with the words "big bob's rubber dildo's and paddles inc." stopped to pick me up. the driver, a huskey woman who was sucking down a 40 of red dog, offered me a lift providing i would pleasure her with my heat seeking moisture missle. i figured why not, i've banged worse looking things out here...hey, don't judge me until youre lost in wyoming for 4 weeks with no strip club or public library in sight. well, to make a long story short, i didn't have any jimmie's so i hit it up, got dropped off in nevada, and went and changed my name. i'm sorry son, i never loved your momma, but if you should be rich one day, please know i left her, not you.

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