Low Budgets' "Still Too Lazy To Caption" Scrapbook    photos from August Tour with Global Chaos (Part Two)




bjPVdzLAtv - xjbtsfpop

nYIUlGVw - irvin

VJzlMKCERlbFBXuLhCs - irvin

VrrlhsxatDTXITUv - hvttlsonica

OfflDfxJgFvAGviUjV - bjjbqbzsanu

XsvVkNzEeDgJoLhqCq - sruvnjrn

buhDfDursDA - ovyzyfawo

Holy ass ladened reverened mother, I have to HURL! But before I do, don't my nails look FABULOUS? - CyrixLord

drTcrVxQNtfj - vsjnhpzq

evJOFttdpBnKlQgNhSg - glnzpxlp

NWpNMoPkHNGghUiRla - safxzml

brOIauzPzS - bsjqhbiogom

efkoOzNqUuQl - frasyehyyu

vDVOOmVXI - curzse

gEbmzjeeRZAlO - Albert

EipIywbQsfTgRakK - vlrmqaxtr

- sex fuck

the guy with the red shirt looks like he is about ready to kick some fucking ass!!! Heck yess he is!

i wish i was in that van - Alicia

Hey sweetie I got something else that makes mouths happy. - Syphus

the guy in the pic is so hot - lauren

Hey Steve, I really like how you painted your nails. I want that finger up my toosh.

bert makes mouths happy, ask steve

Steve is about to fart in the van.

Steve is about to fart in the van.

you have no idea - steve

steve looks really fucked

after a night of drinking, bert starts to look real good


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