Low Budgets' "Still Too Lazy To Caption" Scrapbook    photos from August Tour with Global Chaos (Part Two)




Brad looked on as Tom suddenly remembered that he had an index finger too - CyrixLord

If you only knew where this fingure has been

they both think that they are too cool but lets think that over.....................ummmm nope they aren't but they are both pretty hot!

wow yes i want - Alicia

there both hot - lauren

guy on the right playin it cool. absolutely NOT saying to himself. "woah, his fingr looks pretty appealing,. maybe i should have sex with it or something." maybe i should look at my own fingers first.. though. he looks too straight to do me." and the guy on the left is saying to himself. " woaaahhh! this finger is so cool! theres so much to do with it! i COULD stick it up this other guys ass but i thin hes too striaght. maybe, somrday

.....and on the right bert is modeling the rose shade by avon....

berts too cool - Kelly

poopey - kelly

bert has a really small head.

greg is mad that his finger is longer than his penis - Duke

and then i gave her a' little of my magic touch...uhhhhh HUHH

two WAY hot dudes - Jocelyn

thuggin' it. - uh-huh


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