Low Budgets' "Still Too Lazy To Caption" Scrapbook    photos from August Tour with Global Chaos and R.I.P. Coupon




drinking yeasty tap water puts me ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

damn straight i drink!18 and a live to go!

One fo' me, one fo' my homiez!! - Syphus

there's only one thing better than beer a 40 oz - jeremiah

oi - random internet surfer

rock the 40 oz its the drink that counts STZA

put on our boots and braces, booze up, and slam dance - David Dogfood

Drinking fucken beer till the daylighht breaks, rock those 40's - Skott

beers hard! bitches hard! - poopoo

want some?

Yeah! Rock the 40 oz . anyone got more beer? - connie

Photo taken right before they got kicked out of the 8th grade fall dance



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