Low Budgets' "Still Too Lazy To Caption" Scrapbook    photos from August Tour with Global Chaos and R.I.P. Coupon




yum does a body good. - connie

yum does a body good. - connie

Steve, morrisey called and said he wants his faggie glasses back so he can see himself insert his cock into you butt better. - J&J

Dude your name is Vince. enough said. - steve

Global Chaos suck man they r fucking shit - Vince DeBarris

Don't talk shit on Global Chaos asshole - steve

I think steve is pondering why he decided to go on tour with a bunch of little baby punks. - vince DeBarris

thats funny, when i think about steve its usually because HES touching ME - a little girl

in the shower! - -cher

When I think about Steve I touch myself - All the hot chicks


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