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Really its only kinky the first time. - Syphus

Wow, the red really shows up good in these shots! - memorydream

Actually, I think the tattoo is kinda nifty. - Genius Boy

why would you say that shit

yeah totally, an anchor or the us flag would be much more manly - mitchell

what a faggoty tattoo

That old guy in the background is Dandrew

who the hell is that old guy in the backround?

is that hair real? - guy from salt n pepper

Yeah... wasn't that the "Smells Like Children" era? - Tim

I would FUCK Einstein anyday... if he paid me. - Dumb Whore

and spelling

(ps. FUCK einsteain 4 ever)



unless joe takes it off the site, but he probly won't

and there is nothing you can do8239498374589

i can type ANY THING I WANT!!!!!!!!!!


i'll anti your dude, dude.

ew, this hot dog tastes rusty - anti everyone dude

Look: Someone from Marilyn Manson had the same two-tone hair style in the early 90's! - Genius Boy

this sandwich does not contain THE FUZZ.... or does it....

don't fret, he slept with me that night - some dude (not rob)

chris better not be talking to some other girl - martha spy


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