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heathly t-cell count Not included

When i look up at the stars at night... I sometimes think.. "Wow, im really gay"

I'm doing this pole dance just for you. Shove some money in down my pants you fuckers!

I'm not staring up at the sky, my head is always stuck this way

"thank you god, for this cold, cold colt 45" -

joe hart practicing for the sequal to "911- the musical"

Hey Genius boy if youe soo fucking smart, why don't you build a fuckin space ship and shove it right up your ass cavity

joe's posing for the hotest guy in philly pagent

Joe tries his hardest to look like Sid Vicious... but once again fails. - Genius Boy

As usual, Joe breaks out into a Smiths song when he's had too much Colt .45

Joe spots a spider and devises a diabolical plan.

Joe considers the energy required to paint the bungalow porth.

chiffon lover

I don't think their are any - stove

Joe thinks of the better times in his life. - Fetus


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