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I would lick that head - some dude

I wish I cud afford a new tom-tom skin look at the state of it, its fucked. - Bob Monkhouse

Every1 in here is gay - someone who smells

Dude, watch out! That blind guy is going to beat the shit out of you! - memorydream

obey me nad come forth my rat minions! i want.. cheeesseee

something is going on here but i dont know what it is

joe! - crisco

I'm not giving up my fashion secrets. - steve

Is it me or does it appear that steve uses Magic Spray, the spray on hair? - JB

steve needs the other one back. he does not have any extra. - weezie

my hair does look nice

steeve has quiat a COUIFFURE

we needed a baton twirler

joe lost a knubbin - J-dawg

Hail to the stick!


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