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Watch out bcos satan is a follower of the lowbudgets. cant you see the bastard there with his shiny eyes - Mormon LB's fan

Hmm, sure are a lot of smoking bass players. I wonder if any drop their cigs in their gear and it just explodes? - memorydream

the crowd is awed by dandrews ass

"Wow, that Dandrew there sure is a mighty fine bass player." And, hmmm, "He's a fine piece of ass too."

sonic youth is cool

scotty's scoping out who's house he can stay at next

(it's just a half ass rainbow missing colors which turns out to just be joe's shirt)

scotty is so drunk he thinks he is looking at a rainbow

He's almost figured out how to play this strange contraption

scotty just wants to make small indentations in your arm with his cleaver knife skills

Still a wanker

bass heroi

Squatty is just trying to score a cig from you.

Scotty is seducing me with his eyes


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