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Steve's sitting on my lap here...I think he likes it a little too much ;) - sweet assed girl

yes i am the shit - steve

I always knew steve was a big, red-bellended dick. - Alan Sandwich

I bet steve is an absolute shit drummer! - Battersea Power station

The Exlax wasn't working. - steve

steve looks like a gay batman villian. He could be Dr. Gay or "the homo" - Batman

Steve is way hot! He must have a fucking fever! :) - Genius Boy

Let's stop talking about cock, and get back to talking about how hot steve is. - Steve

Oh, go nibble some cock, anti-fucktard! - Genius Boy

mmmmm cock - the REAL anti-genius DUDE!!!! (ps. Shut up, DUDE!)

i like cock - Anti Genius Dude

just to clear up typos and fuck ups, it's HATE and it isn't boy... no no no, it's DUDE!


MMmmmmmm Steve, like butter in my mouth..................... If you hat bombs so much why are you still down with einstein, Maybe the amish wERE right?!?! - Anti Genius boy

Steve you also might know the name of the beer you drank. Maybe...... - The Real Dandrew

I swear I didn't write that Steve. I know that you know the name of the place we played that night. - The Reel Dandrew

steve has no idea of what show this is, where it was or the name of the 14 yr. old girl he hooked up with that night. - Dandrew

I am so limp and dry right now. - Straight dude.

Leprechaun of love.

Steve's a leprechaun...and he probably wrote all the other captions here.


Sign me up too. - 3rd equally hot and domestically skilled chick.

Your right, it would be selfish of me to try to keep him to myself. Let's invite all our girlfriends too. - 2nd chick.

Why don't we share him, and take turns doing his dishes - 1st chick

Fuck off bitch, he's my man - another equally hot chick

I am so wet right now. - hot chick with big boobs


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