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What is it with you guys and tires?

i love the way your head feels against my breast

have you ever noticed how dandrews veins look like nite crawlers? - candy addict (not chris)

his exposure to nuclear waste has given joe the mutant ability to shit out french canadians.

"Hey, after the picnic, let's go back to your place and fuck like sheep on drugs!" he said.

lesbianism gone awry

sexalicious supasnass negrocentric razmatazz

...if there had been two adam's, none of this shit would have in the first place.

The boys with the boys... it's what we should have done in the first place!

that's a pretty snazzy suit

Jesus.... Anti GD: Look at dandrew's shirt. If you can't comprehend the joke after that, fuck off. - Sonic Youth

you won't know any secrets when your dead, IDIOT!!! - Bazaro Genius Boy (aka anti-genius dude, christened "Indiana Jones Peterson"

what's with dandrew and tires?

I know a secret about Goo and you! - Genius Boy

sexy legs

anxiously awaiting to be knifed.

santa i want a mandrew

Down boy, Joe is gonna notice - steve


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