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A gay guy's ass?? I wanna dip my balls in it! - Syphus

Hi, my name is bill.. and i love the cock

"who wants to see the Delaware Belt Buckle" Jeff protagonist

With the belt so low, how does he walk? - memorydream

He emerged victorious in his conquest to sexually molest the members of KNIFIGHT - d

what great hair

He looks like Mathew Modine

"YYYYYYYYYY-M-C-A!!!" Bill comes out to the BBQ - Kyle

joe vegan begins to cry because he's been beaten by wild bill.....from delaware!

we have a winner

your mama's soooooooo fat.......

Lord Of The Dance - The Street Rendition - JB

And Couldn't they be called Pro Somewhere League?


"Hey, am I the only one here who knows the 'ymca?'" he shouted to the other punkers. - Genius Boy

I'm the black Jesus - Bill

Ally Sheedy

im the king of the ALLY


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