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Hey you like mustard on your hot dogs too, will you be my bestest friend??? - Syphus

You know, I wonder if they got that Del Monte ketchup (catsup) at a "dollar" store. I just saw some there the other day, and boy, am I feelin' bad I didn't pick it up. And another thing..... - memorydream


they're really contemplating their weiners

Hmmmm.... if you want to stuff your pants PROPERLY, remember to make sure that the beer can is NOT visible! - Helping Hand

(hmm... i wonder if this can is appropriately hiding my boner?...)

let's have a moment of silence for /all/ the different animals used to make these hotdogs... -

"Man, not being allowed to drink beer with this hot dog really really sucks! - GB

Look at stupid Steve in the back

Hey dad, I'm in jail, I like it here

a touching moment..this could make a hallmark card

hm no facial hhair.

The source of Rob's bulge finally revealed.

REAL men prefer spicey brown mustard.


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