Re: One of our children is missing his hand

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Posted by rachel, the displaced narbist on September 17, 2003 at 22:59:43:

In Reply to: One of our children is missing his hand posted by dANDREW on September 17, 2003 at 21:33:06:

: Does anyone know of anything that rhymes with "purple?"

no, but i know a rhyme for orange:
great, huh? anyway...haven't read or seen color purple, but since that doesn't matter...just make the damn thing an ode to Barney, the purple dinosaur! your professor will love that, i'm sure. also, you forgot the second rule of poetry: the title has to be included in the poem! silly! third rule only applies to goth/emocore poetry, which is that you must include words like "abyss, endless, despair, suffering" and make rhymes like "cry/die" or "bad/mad/sad/dad" get the idea. anyway, now for your literary enjoyment, i present:

Something Purple This Way Comes

Now here's a story, long ago
At lunch-time I went to the forest to eat
The trees were swaying to and fro'
The green grass, a carpet, beneath my feet.
So cool and calm, the day was fine
It made me glad to be alive
A breeze did blow, the sun did shine;
I had no idea what was about to arrive.
Then a silence came, though the trees did sway,
The birds stopped singing, the bugs their hums
I heard a shout from far away:
"Something purple this way comes!"
A group of small children were singing a song
And from their midst there came a ROAR!
A creature approached from within the throng...
A great big purple dinosaur!
He began a new song and used his own tune
The meaning, plain as day to see
With sentiments as warm as June
About "I love you and you love me"
It went on for minutes that seemed like a week
At the sticky-sweet message my stomach did sicken
I wanted to protest, but could not speak
While my anger rose and my pulse did quicken
His nose, I broke it o'er my knee
Then with a loud cry he exhaled his breath
I smashed him into the nearest tree
My only desire was his expedient death
Now the dinosaur's dead, his message daunted
My actions have reached a level of fame
Yet still with the memory I am haunted
Of when something purple this way came.

wow, i really don't want to do my homework. but look what a half hour can accomplish!

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